Youth Martial Arts: Kids Ages 7-14 years old

Lake County’s Premiere Martial Arts Academy since 1997

“Building Champions for Life” – Your Journey Starts Here…


Lake County’s Premiere Martial Arts Academy since 1997

The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts (NSA) is dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of REALISTIC martial arts training. Our Youth Program’s Core Curriculum takes a modern approach to martial arts training by blending the best techniques of:

  • Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan – Jeet Kune Do
  • Muay Thai – Boxing & Kickboxing
  • Kali • Eskrima – Weapons Training
  • The Filipino Martial Arts 
  • Panantukan Silat
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Karate

Our Mission for Your Child

At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, our goal is to be the best that we can be for your child. How do we do this? We are constantly evolving our knowledge base, techniques and skillset. We ARE teachers…but we will ALWAYS be students of the Martial Arts.

The effort we place on the success of your child is second to none. We work hard and offer the best in positive reinforcement and personal attention for your child. Make no mistake, We give it everything we’ve got… We give 110%… All day…Everyday.

Your child will have the tools to succeed in Martial Arts… and in Life.

Our Martial Arts Youth Program in Lake County, Illinois

The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts Youth Program was developed to provide your child with the necessary skills to defend themselves.

But there is much more to it than that.

Our Program is designed to meet the needs and challenges of today’s 7-14 year olds. In today’s world, there are concerns with how our children are growing up. The pressures our children face are different than the pressures that we faced when we grew up. Not only do today’s children have to behave and get good grades, there is the constant peer pressure of drugs, violence, and bullying. We couple are understanding of these challenges with a focus on: self defense, self esteem, self confidence, character development, respect, hard work, discipline, responsibility, physical fitness, perseverance, good grades, teamwork and family values.



The Best in Libertyville Youth Martial Arts… Since 1997.

Reality Based Self-Defense

The instructors at The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts have trained for many years to make sure everything we teach is reality based. We’ve trained under some of the best martial artists in the world and are dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of REALISTIC martial arts training – for ourselves and for your children!


Our Youth Program improves a children’s self esteem through the reward system. When kids work to earn their next belt level, not only are they learning world-class self-defense, they are building self-esteem and learning to feel good about themselves.  Plus, unlike many other martial arts programs, our youth program students must work hard for their promotion…not pay for it!



Nothing can take the place of the security in knowing that your child can defend themselves should the need ever arise…and your own child’s self confidence in knowing this themselves is immense.
“People who continue to practice the martial arts for prolonged periods are different from the general populace in these ways: they have a lower level of anxiety; an increased sense of responsibility; they are less likely to be radical; they have an increased level of self-esteem; and they are more socially intelligent.” (Source – Psychology Today, May 1985.)


One of the most important words in martial arts is respect. Students are taught to respect their instructors, each other, and themselves. Our instructors spend time in class discussing the importance of respecting school teachers and parents. Respect is often missing in many facets of today’s society. This is what separates The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts Youth Program from other sports. A child’s social behavior should be directly linked to his or her progression in the martial arts class. It’s not just about winning, Our Youth Program is about personal growth and becoming a better person.

Discipline, Behavior and School

We have alot of fun at the Northshore Academy of Martial Arts but instructors will not tolerate excessive talking or goofing around in the school. Improved behavior in a Martial arts class often translates into improved behavior at school. Improved behavior at school often translates into improved grades. We require behavior reports from the parents to make sure that the student is focused in the classroom and at home… Not just the dojo. We want to make sure that our students are working on their Martial Arts technique, improving their behavior at home, as well as improving their grades at school. We teach a very effective form of self defense and want to make sure that the right kids are learning it.

Great Physical Fitness while Battling Childhood Obesity

Did you know that childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 25 years? The first step to preventing childhood obesity is addressing the problem before it occurs. If you catch obesity early on, there are ways to prevent your child from developing further health risks. If your child is already overweight, it is important to understand the psychological effects obesity has on children that are potentially more damaging than the physical side effects.  The stamina and endurance children develop during Martial Arts training in our youth program, results in natural weight loss and an improvement in overall physical and mental health.

Anti-Bullying Education

Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Kids who bully use their power – such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity – to control or harm others. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally and purposely excluding someone from a group. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may experience serious, lasting problems.
Our anti-bullying approach is based on the NSA martial arts principles of redirection and straightforward assertiveness. Students are taught to manage situations without the use of violence, learning ways to assess threats, redirect verbal assaults and mobilize the audience, which is a critical factor in empowering the bully.

Personal Attention

At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, We know the impact a good instructor can have on a student. Our Rank Certified Instructors are experienced, patient, enthusiastic, and teach with a perfect blend of discipline and fun. With up to 5 Instructors on the floor during any given class, every student receives the personal attention they deserve.

Video Based Training

As part of the Northshore Academy of Martial Arts Youth Program, students will have access to our exclusive, state of the art, Video Based Online Training Website. This is not a replacement of our on-site Core Curriculum Training program, rather, It is an enhancement to it.
Students will have Martial Arts belt advancement requirements to fulfill and training at home will be essential. What better way to practice their kata, drills and Martial Art techniques at home, then by watching our instructors perform them. 

Youth Leadership Experience

The youth of today face many challenges in their lives. To groom youth to be effective, ethical leaders with strong values has never been harder.  Our Program is a very powerful tool that was built and designed to educate, inform, inspire and challenge students to set a new standard of excellence for themselves.  Leadership training improves self confidence and prepares youth to act as role models, work as a team, assist those in need, set goals, take responsibility and communicate effectively.


We are Family

In addition to our regular classes we host numerous events for our students including picnics, bowling, open house, holiday and children’s birthday parties. At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, our youth have a great time meeting new friends while developing character and learning life-changing martial arts skills. Our Parents have fun with a staff and organization they can trust.

Smile, Laugh and Having Fun

We learned a long time ago that kids learn faster when they are having fun. Keeping children interested in their Martial Arts training requires an element of fun and games. Traditionalists are usually only concerned with the discipline and structure of their training, but incorporating fun involving proper techniques will add to the value of training and keep the kids hungry to improve themselves even more.

Libertyville Martial Arts

Head Youth Instructor - Alex Jovica

Sensei Alex has been studying and teaching martial arts for almost 25 years. His life long Martial Arts Training and Martial Arts expertise reinforces his Youth Instructor style where students see the rewards of good discipline, self-confidence and positive attitudes through individual responsibility and achievement. Sensei Alex’s rare talent, raw passion and genuine love for working with children… is second to none.

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Parents of Youth Martial Arts: Ages 7-14 years old

Libertyville Martial Arts for Youth

Parental Concerns

A common parental concern is that martial arts will encourage violence and aggression. The opposite is actually true. Through consistent, fun and focused training, children will quickly discover an inner confidence and strength which enables them to move beyond the need to prove themselves physically. As your child gets older, patience and tolerance replace anger and frustration, giving your child the ability to make good decisions.

At The Northshore Academy of Martial arts, our Early Ninja Program training program takes your child’s energy and directs it in a positive and constructive manner tempered with fun, discipline and control. Parents are excited to see the self-discipline, focus control and increased concentration carry over into everyday life.

The physical, mental, emotional and developmental benefits provided by The Northshore Academy of Martial arts is unparalleled. No other single activity will provide your child with all the benefits that our Early Ninja Program has to offer. It’s no wonder that so many doctors and educators recommend Martial Arts training for children of all ages.


Your Role as a Parent

As you can see, the Early Ninja Program curriculum is educational and also fun! Your child will learn the family values and life skills needed to live a life of focus and discipline – always striving to be the best. Although The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts creates an atmosphere of Leadership and Success… We can’t do it without our parents help. Here are some important tips that will help you and your child get the most out of our Early Ninja program:

  • Make sure your child attends class regularly – Children adjust to consistency. If attending class becomes an option and not a priority, they will not adjust well. If your child is going to miss a class for any reason, please contact us and we can make further arrangements. Your child’s progress is of utmost importance.
  • Watch your child participate often – Your child wants to make you proud. The best way they can show you how well they are doing…is for you to see it for yourself.
  • Monitor your child’s progress – Your Child should earn a skill stripe every week. If your child does not receive a stripe, your child may have a challenge with that particular skill and will need just a little extra practice at home.
  • Keep an updated calendar on the skills covered in each class – If your child misses a class or falls behind, they will need to make up the skills they missed.
  • Keep track of when your child’s next belt promotion is scheduled to take place – This way you can help prepare your child for their next performance. You should expect your child to belt test approximately every eight weeks.
  • Invite family, friends, and teachers to your child’s belt promotion – This is a big event for your child and it only comes around every eight weeks! This might not seem like a very long time… But for your child.. eight weeks is a lifetime. Make it an event they’ll never forget and your child’s confidence will grow!



Our Martial Arts Classes are Different from the Rest

We are not in the business of “Tooting our own horn” …but we think it is very important that you make the most informed decision when making any commitment for yourself… or your children. With that said… No other Martial Arts School in the Lake County area offers our Character Development Program …or… the rank certified, realistic and credible self-defense techniques that we have to offer.

We are not a “McDojo”… We are not a Franchise – We are not a school that teaches a watered-down and impractical form of martial arts in the name of making money. We are not a school that places the importance of profit ahead of teaching realistic, rank certified and credible self-defense. At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, Belt Advancement is earned and not purchased. Nothing promotes excellence, and builds more character, than earning something that you know you truly worked for. Ask any of our students.

We also believe it is essential that you understand the background of any Martial Arts school you are considering. Here are just a few of Our Martial Arts Accreditations and Affiliations:


Authentic Martial Arts… Our Roots Run Deep

We also believe it is essential that you understand the background of any Martial Arts school you are considering. Here are just a few of Our Martial Arts Accreditations and Affiliations:

  • The only Lake County, Illinois school certified by the Legendary Dan Inosanto in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts
  • Member of The International Law Enforcement Educator & Trainers Association
  • A Member of the Veneration Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Affiliation
  • The Midwest Representative for Atillo Balintawak
  • The Midwest Representative for Ron Balicki’s Martial Arts Research Systems – Jeet Kune Do / Kickboxing / Kali Escrima
  • Certified by Rick Faye of the Minnesota Kali Group
  • A Member of the National Association for Professional Martial Artists
  • A Member of the Martial Arts Industry Association
  • A Member of the Libertyville Chamber of Commerce


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