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Lake County’s Premiere Martial Arts Academy since 1997

The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts in Libertyville has been the Martial Arts Leader in Jeet Kune Do and Kali since it’s inception.  Under the Training of Guro Dan Inosanto, Guro Ron Balicki, Grandmaster Atillo and Guro Rick Faye, we bring you the best of what Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and Kali have to offer.

What is Jeet Kune Do?

Jeet Kune Do (截拳道; also “Jeet Kun Do“, “JKD,” or “Jeet Kuen Do“) is a hybrid martial arts system and life philosophy founded in 1967 by martial artist Bruce Lee with direct, non classical and straightforward movements. The style emphasizes minimal movement with maximum effect and extreme speed. The system works on the use of different ‘tools’ for different situations. These situations are broken down into ranges (kicking, punching, trapping and grappling) with techniques flowing smoothly between ranges. It is referred to as a “style without style” or “the art of fighting without fighting” as said by Bruce Lee himself. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It was named for the concept of interception, or attacking your opponent while he is about to attack. However, the name Jeet Kune Do was often said by Bruce Lee to be just a name. He himself often referred to it as “the art of expressing the human body” in his writings and in interviews. Through his studies Bruce came to believe that styles had become too rigid and unrealistic. He called martial art competitions of the day “dry land swimming”. He believed that combat was spontaneous and that a martial artist cannot predict it, only react to it, and that a good martial artist should “be like water,” moving fluidly without hesitation.

In 2004, the Bruce Lee Foundation decided to use the name Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (振藩截拳道) to refer to the martial arts system that Lee founded. “Jun Fan” was Lee’s Chinese given name.

What is Filipino Kali?

Kali (In the West), Eskrima, and Arnis are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines that emphasize weapon based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons, firearms, and various improvised weapons. It also includes hand-to-hand combat and weapon disarming techniques.

Kali students start their instruction by learning to fight with weapons and only advance to empty-hand training once the stick and knife techniques have been sufficiently mastered. This is in contrast to most other well-known Asian martial arts but it is justified by the principle that bare-handed moves are acquired naturally through the same exercises as the weapon techniques, making muscle memory an important aspect of the teaching. It is also based on the obvious fact that an armed person who is trained has the advantage over a trained unarmed person and serves to condition students to fight against armed assailants. Most systems of Kali apply a single set of techniques for the stick, knife, and empty hands, a concept sometimes referred to as motion grouping. Since the weapon is seen as simply an extension of the body, the same angles and footwork are used either with or without a weapon. The reason for this is probably historical, because tribal warriors went into battle armed and only resorted to bare-handed fighting after losing their weapons.

Many systems begin training with two weapons, either a pair of sticks or a stick and a wooden knife. These styles emphasize keeping both hands full and never moving them in the same direction, which trains practitioners to become ambidextrous. For example, one stick may strike the head while the other hits the arm. Such training develops the ability to use both limbs independently, a skill which is valuable even when working with one weapon.





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Authentic JKD - Bruce Lee's Original Art

Prospective students are looking for the confidence that martial arts provides. Part of that confidence derives from the ability to defend yourself and loved ones.  The technical aspect of the classes includes elements from Muay Thai, boxing, Jiu Jjitsu, and kickboxing. Elbows and knees are prevalent in Muay Thai but are also a part of Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee studied boxing and fencing when developing his art. We borrow certain elements from Jiu Jitsu when addressing self defense situations on the ground.

Jeet Kune Do - Intercepting your Opponent

The student can defend themselves in any range – kicking, punching, trapping and grappling.  It is an art whereby you “intercept” your opponent. Bruce’s philosophy is that you only use the tools necessary to neutralize the situation. Other “tools” include the elbows, forearms, kicks, punches, joint locks, sweeps, take downs, trapping hands, and foot traps

JKD Fitness, Conditioning & the Use of Force

JKD training is a highly specialized program unlike any other in the world.  Use of force and total comprehension of all of the skills of JKD are taught for quick changes, great variety and speed.  Our conditioning techniques include the boxing techniques, wing chung trapping, wing chung sensitivity drills, wooden dummy training, Kali weapons/empty hands training, Silat, Muay Thai, Shoot Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. This specialized knowledge and program provides the opportunity for you to get in shape at an accelerated rate.

"Scientific Street Fighting" with JKD

With consistent training, the student will learn to neutralize the opponent within 1-3 moves. This is not a sport. No rules. No referee, no towels. Primary targets are the eyes and groin. Secondary targets are the knees and throat. Other areas include the shin, ribs among others. JKD embraces the principal of the longest weapon to the nearest target.  

FMA Certified by the Legendary Dan Inosanto

The only Lake County, Illinois school certified by the Legendary Dan Inosanto in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts.  Guro Dan Inosanto is our Jeet Kune Do and Kali In the FMA or Filipino Martial Arts he is an expert in 32 different systems. Guro Dan Inosanto is my Kali, Silat and JKD teacher. In the FMA or Filipino Martial Arts he is an expert in 32 different systems.

Weaons Training with Filipino Kali

Filipino martial artists are noted for their ability to fight with weapons or empty hands interchangeably and their ability turn ordinary household items into lethal weapons. Weapons-training with Rattan Sticks takes precedence because they give an edge in real fights, gears students to psychologically face armed opponents, and any object that can be picked up can be used as a weapon using FMA techniques.  Our weaponry training covers a wide variety featuring stick, blade and knife as well as flexible weapons and weapons of opportunity such as car keys, flashlight, clothing or anything at your disposal.

A Complete MMA Program - Kali & The Filipino Martial Arts

Although some instructors focus on sport, the Filipino martial arts are a form of reality-based self-defense and a great example of a complete MMA system. Don’t get fooled by the stick-fighting tournaments you hear about. The Filipino arts are multidimensional. As Bruce Lee said in Enter the Dragon, “Do not focus on the moon or you will miss all the heavenly glory!” Stick fighting is not just about using your weapon. It’s also about using our opponent’s weapon against him.

Filipino Kali Escrima in the Movies & Television

Filipino Kali/Escrima has been used used in many popular movies and television shows including:

The Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum & Legacy (Matt Damon)

Mission Impossible 4 (Tom Cruise)Resident Evil (Milla Jollovich)

The Book Of Eli (Denzel Washington)

Spartacus (Showtime Series)

Star Wars (Episodes I, II & III)

Batman (Christian Bale)

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise)

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Rank Certified Martial Arts and Self-Defense

The instructors at The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts have trained for many years to make sure everything we teach is reality based. We’ve trained under some of the best martial artists in the world and are dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of REALISTIC martial arts training – for ourselves and for you!

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Many times when we think about the benefits of martial arts – self-esteem, respect, self-discipline and focus – we generally associate them with children and not adults. The reality is that our martial arts programs have the same benefits for kids and adults alike. At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, we believe all levels of martial arts are built upon the same philosophy …and… Nothing can take the place of the security in knowing that you can defend yourself should the need ever arise.

Improved Mental Focus & Increased Energy

Martial arts at The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts means much more than just self-defense. It also builds mental focus. Our Jeet Kune Do Classes will help you maintain control over yourself and your environment. It teaches you to handle emotions, stay calm, be persistent and provides you with the tools and willpower you need to stay focused. The physical activity derived from our curriculum will help you find reserves of energy you didn’t realize you had. Through the discipline of our Jeet Kune Do Program, you will learn to channel that energy into productivity at home… and in the workplace.

Strength, Conditioning and Endurance Training

Martial Arts… It’s not just for fighting: new research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that people in their 30′s, 40′s and 50′s who regularly practice martial arts demonstrate astounding levels of physical fitness in comparison to people the same age who don’t exercise at all. The study subjects who practiced martial arts had 12% less body fat, were able to do twice as many sit-ups, had enhanced flexibility and leg strength, demonstrated a stronger immune system and showed greatly improved balance.

Full Body Flexibility, Balance & Coordination

These are some of the most overlooked benefits of our Jeet Kune Do Program. At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, you will achieve greater flexibility of your muscles, joints and ligaments. Flexibility is a positive “Double Edged Sword” with improvement to your posture and an enhancement to your ability to move through a full body range of motion. These Martial Arts benefits will also help you age in a healthier way while improving the overall quality of your life.

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Because of the greater intensity in the strikes and kicks of our Martial Arts Programs, you will be subjecting your body to more aggressive movements. This results in intense calorie burning… which then results in natural weight loss and an improvement in overall physical and mental health. Our Martial arts classes will teach you to practice your set of movements until you have the correct form down pat. This kind of mental focus and discipline can easily be carried over into forming the mental toughness you need to push yourself… while achieving your weight loss goals at the same time.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress Levels

Feeling stressed out? No need to look beyond our Jeet Kune Do Program! Psychologists have found positive correlations between training in Martial Arts and lower levels of hostility, aggression …and better yet… higher levels of self-esteem and positive mental attitudes compared to any other sport. At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, we understand that cutting stress and learning to handle yourself both physically and mentally are important benefits that you can take advantage of in your everyday life.

Personal Attention & Having Fun

At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, We know the impact a good instructor can have on a student. Our Rank Certified Instructors are experienced, patient, enthusiastic, and teach with a perfect blend of discipline and fun. With up to 5 Instructors on the floor during any given class, every student receives the personal attention they deserve.  Keeping students interested in their Jeet Kune Do training requires an element of fun. Traditionalists are usually only concerned with the discipline and structure of their training, but incorporating fun involving proper techniques will add to the value of training and keep students hungry to improve themselves even more.

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