Invite Marc Halleck to your Next Seminar

Guro Marc Halleck has been competing, studying and practicing Martial Arts for over 30 years and has taught thousands of students, many of which are now multi-level Black Belts, Martial Arts competitors and self-defense instructors around the nation.

Guro Marc Halleck’s expertise is now available to students and Martial arts schools worldwide while representing the following instructors and organizations:

  • Guro Dan Inosanto – Associate Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do
  • Guro Ron Balicki – Associate Instructor / State Representative for Martial Arts Research Systems
  • Grandmaster Crispulo “Ising” Atillo – Instructor / State Representative in Balintawak Eskrima
  • Guro Rick Faye – Instructor Level 2
  • W. Hock Hochheim – 6th degree Black Belt


Our Martial Arts Seminar Program – Areas of Expertise

Marc Halleck travels internationally to share his expertise and personally present friendly, intense and comprehensive seminars and work shops. These can be customized and tailored to a variety of different audiences and include a focus on:

  • Panantukan Silat Combatives
  • Jun Fan – Jeet Kune Do
  • The Filipino Martial Arts
  • Balintawak Eskrima


Benefits of Inviting Guro Marc Halleck to your next event

We are big proponents of the Martial Arts Training Seminar and there are many reasons why hosting a Marc Halleck seminar or workshop at your Martial Arts school can be beneficial to you and your students. Here are a just a few of the Benefits of hiring Guro Marc Halleck for your next Martial Arts event:

  • Strengthen your students overall training – Our seminars will strengthen and enhance your regular training classes and are presented in a friendly but intense style…you can expect a very safe, hands-on and physical seminar.​
  • Expand your curriculum – This is an opportunity for you to pass along new techniques and skills both to your instructors…and your student body. One purpose for those who train, is to seek out other sources of knowledge and to improve upon and deepen one’s own understanding of the Martial Arts. Our Martial Arts seminars will help your instructors and students bring new techniques, skills and knowledge back to their original discipline.
  • Add value for your school – As the Owner of The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts…I am always looking for ways to add value. Our Program will give your school the chance to train with another Martial Arts expert while promoting your mission to grow and become more valuable to your staff, your students and yourselves!
  • Reinvigorate your staff and your students – After one of our seminars, you and your students will feel completely reinvigorated. The feeling of learning something new inspires us all to become refocused on our Martial Arts training. Over time, some students may begin to feel that there training is becoming rudimentary, dull or boring…and you don’t want them to look for another place to train. Our Program will help your students and your instructors come back reinvigorated and full of life.
  • Increase Enrollment – Hosting a seminar is a great way to add value for your students…but it can do so much more. By inviting outside expertise to your dojo, you are creating an opportunity to bring in those current and potentially new members of the Martial Arts community that might not otherwise be aware of your school. We consider it an honor to be invited to your dojo…and with that said…we take a collaborative approach to marketing your event.



An Opportunity to become a MHMA Affiliated School

Our goal is to associate with representatives who have an exemplary work ethic and who are motivated to teach the pure and highest quality techniques of Panatukan Silat Combatives, The Filipino Martial Arts, Balintawak Escrima and Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan-Jeet Kune Do. Your next Martial Arts Seminar with Marc Halleck could be the first step of your journey to become an affiliated school.

Learn more about the MHMA Affiliation Program