Free In-School Presentations

At The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts, we continue to be a proponent of community support while assisting parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators in the educational process. It is imperative that students learn the life skills provided by the martial arts while promoting safety, respect, focus, self-discipline, teamwork, goal setting, and leadership skills.

From single class presentations to Full-Auditorium Assemblies, The Northshore Academy of Martial Arts is available for Free In-School Presentations, Career Days or PTA Meetings where we will work with school administrators, while educating students in any of the following areas:

  • Character Development
  • Self-Defense & Anti-Violence
  • Physical Education
  • Motivational and Goal Setting
  • Safety Awareness & Conflict Avoidance
  • Anti-Bully Education
  • Life Skills and More
  • Learn more about the Benefits


Contact Us Today for a Free In-School Presentation

If you think your Lake County, Illinois pre-school, elementary school, or high school is interested in a Free NSA In-School Presentation…Please let us know at: